Travelers Saxophone


Our practically indestructible Travelers Saxophone encourages you to make music wherever your adventures take you. A deserted beach, an alpine mountaintop, or your own back yard. The Travelers Saxophone is a very durable one piece instrument. Created for the backpack, it is ideal for camping and hiking. It comes tuned to the key of G and includes a songbook with fingering charts. It also has a cloth case, a hard cap and a beginners reed.

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    It is VERY sturdy. I made it to go camping and outdoors. The Travelers Saxophone is lightweight and comes with a cloth bag, an alto mouthpiece, a cap, and one Rico reed. The construction is very rugged. A sturdy plastic tube is laminated with a high quality hardwood veneer. A standard Alto mouth piece is mounted to this tube in such a way that it can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. Using fingering very much like a recorder a two octave chromatic range is possible. I wrote a Beginner’s Book for the saxophone that is also included. This book, and the video below, will teach you how to blow the reed. The Travelers Saxophone is in the key of G and plays well with guitar. The instrument is 18” long and fits easily in most backpacks.The Walnut wood comes from Missouri and is a rich chocolate brown.

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    Walnut wood