The Shakuhachi is a Japanese Zen Meditation Flute. This traditional Japanese end-blown flute has four holes on the front and one thumbhole on the back. The shakuhachi is a pentatonic meditation flute used by Zen Buddhists to achieve spontaneity and harmony with nature. Our Student model is a good choice for learning to play the end-blown Japanese-style meditation flute. The sound can be very haunting and the joy of playing the shakuhachi comes from playing in a free form fashion.

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    This is an amazing instrument, one of my favorites. It is in the pentatonic scale. Four holes on the front and one on the back. The bamboo I use for this instrument is denser. I have coated the inside with two part polymer, to give it a deep resonant sound. This instrument has quite a history in Japan. I have an instructional sheet that goes with the instrument, showing how to blow the shakuhachi. The fingering is, left hand on top hole, using index finger, rest middle finger, use the ring finger on the next hole. The right hand index finger comes next and finally the ring finger on the bottom. There is a back hole for the left thumb.

    This root section is beautiful and very sturdy. Pictured are the roots that were in the ground. It is in the key of 1.8, traditional length for a shakuhachi. It comes with a sheet describing how to blow the instrument. The blowing end of the shakuhachi is called utaguchi. The position is for an inblown flute. This is different than a regular flute.

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    Student, Root Section