Fairy Pipes


Let the music of the fairies burst forth in wild abandon. Fairy Pipes are the Greek instrument called Aulos. They are the original Pan Pipes. Two quality Irish tin whistles are bound in such a way that you play in harmony with yourself. The Pipes are in the key of D and accompany Irish music well. They come with a fingering chart and tablature music sheet.

Rod playing the Fairy Pipes

Ginger playing the Fairy Pipes

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    The actual name of this instrument is Aulos. It is the flute that Pan played, the original pan pipes. When blowing the two pipes at the same time it sounds in harmony. I use two bass pipes secured together. It has a neck cord for wearing. The pipe is in the key of D. I have covered the top three holes on the right pipe. This will put the pipes in harmony. The covering is movable so that you can also move it to the left pipe. The Fairy pipes will play three octaves with all sharps and flats.