What are the sayings on the walls of your display?

Here is a link to the text of the calligraphy displayed but not for sale at our festival shops.


How can I see you in person?

Come to see us at one of our renaissance festivals.


Can I get in free if I just want to buy something from your shop?

At most festivals they allow people coming to just buy something a limited time to do so. They usually require you to leave your ID as security and only allow one person to do this.


Can I come to Bisbee where you live and buy from you there?

Sorry no. We don't have a shop or city license to do business there. It's just where we live.


If I have trouble learning to play my instrument alone can I get help beyond the initial free lesson?

Absolutely, just bring your instrument to any festival we are at and receive additional free help.


How do you make a bamboo flute?

I use a very old method. I heat up an iron rod in a fire then burn the holes in. This is not easily done as everything must be precise. It is just the final step after also burning the patterns into the surface and an elaborate 3 day oiling process.


What is the funny oriental looking mark on the flutes you make and on the background of this web page?

It is my crafter's mark and we have adopted it as our company logo. I have signed my art work and handcrafts with this symbol since 1972.